Born in Janakpur in 1969 he has studied in Govt. Institute of Fine Arts, Indore (M.P.) INDIA.

He is a multi art-practitioner being a sculptor, ceramist, printmaker and a painter. Anil Gaikwad is one of the prominent names in the last two decades in the Indian Contemporary Art field.
The lack of boundary, the use of monochromatic colours, draws a viewer to its depth of visual language thus giving a glimpse of the artist’s mind and his inner world. The viewer is left with a sublime effect yet feeling restless in the abundant energy that his stylized abstract paintings exude.
In the words of Prayag Shukla, a poet and an art critic:
“The imagery has to convey some sounds, certain inner voices, and musicality. Yes, these images have a fair share of a pleasant roar, the way a spring roars, with its water expanding, creating waves. These images can also be related to a surge of pure, translucent thought process, manifesting itself in gestural and metaphorical blossoming. Rich in intent, colour density, and tonality, these paintings also indicate the subtle changes and transformation, occurring in different stages of Anil’s career as a painter.”

Participating in around 20 solo and over 100 group shows, both national and international, he has also participated in 7 th Painting Biennial in Bhopal, SCZCC in Hyderabad, AIFACS, state exhibition, Bhopal, Bombay Art Society exhibition amongst many others. He has participated in several art camps and has also curated few art camps. His works are in collection both in India and abroad. Working currently as a freelance artist he has many awards to his credit.

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