Bimal Kundu

“My first love is my art, my sculptures. To stay true to art which is the love of my life... I’m very much in love with nature, with birds and blue skies. I talk to my works. I talk to each sculpture I make. I also talk to my sketches and my paintings.”

The artist was born in 1954 in Kolkata and passed out from Government College of Art and Craft in painting and sculpture.

With the influence of semi realistic cubism as a background, the sculptures that the artist creates reek of a simplicity that is poignant, yet, encouraging one to take a closer look at their simplistic forms to read the story that it says. Both a painter and a sculptor Bimal Kundu, in his pursuits of many forms he has experimented with leather, wood, stone, bronze and fibre glass. His few notable sculptures are “Bird”, “Birpurush” and “Kolkata”. He has participated in several group shows in several places in India and is the recipient of Rajaram Scholarship from Government of Karnataka and Governor’s memorial medal, H.C. Ghosh Award and he went on to win the National Award in 2000.



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