Born in 1976 Chaitali completed her B.V.A in painting from Indian College of art and Draftsmanship (Rabindra Bharati University) 2002, Kolkata, Gurkul Parichaya Sikshakram under Rajya Charukala Prasad (Government of West Bengal) 2004. She exhibited solo few times and in 2008 participated in a two person exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata. Chaitali also was part of several groups’ shows in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Egypt. She took part in several workshops in India and in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan Egypt and Singapore.

Chaitali received several awards of Certificate of Merit, Academy of Fine Arts, 2001, State Government Charu Kala Utsav 2003, IFAC’S 2009, Art Spaces India (Women Artist) 2017, Lion International Art contest bronze award 2019, and Indian Royal Academy of Art and Culture Best entry award 2020.

As a sensitive figurative artist Chaitali fills our senses with undiluted scenes of rural life and pristine nature. The essence of the strong rustic flavour is captured beautifully through the intricate work and attention to details. The soft muted earthy shades, the flora and fauna, its rural people, and women in various forms of repose and daily activities create very colourful and visually pleasing scenes.


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