“I am fascinated by trees and the deities associated with them and the intertwining symbolism between the two. My painting expresses these sentiments and projects a landscape that is filled with symbolism and metaphors.”

Born in 1989 in a small town, Srikalahasthi in Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Morkonda obtained MFA from Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan and BFA in JNTU Hyderabad. His works show the influence of the Tribal folk paintings depicting and highlighting nature using symbolism and metaphors.
He has participated in several group shows in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. He also had a solo show in Forum Art Gallery, Chennai. He has received the state award from PSTU Hyderabad. Over the years his works had been displayed in a number of art camps, exhibitions and shows all over India and overseas.

The overwhelming vividness and freshness of the colours on the canvas convey the experience and memory of an imaginary landscape which celebrates nature, the atrocities they encounter in the environment as a result of human error, negligence, lack of foresight, incompetence or greed.


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