Jagannath Paul

Jagannath Paul graduated from the Government College of Art and Crafts. Over the years the artist has displayed his works in art galleries across India and in art fairs around the world. He had his first solo exhibition in Nehru Centre in 2004. Jagannath Paul has been the recipient of several reputable awards over the years including Hindustan Pencil Ltd. Award by Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, Camlin Awards, Mumbai, Gopen Roy Award from Indian Society of Oriental Arts. He is a leading abstract figurative artist creating geometric forms of men and women to depict their shared language in a relationship using great blocks of colour. The influence of the cubist artform is evident in his paintings. Creating a seemingly mosaic look the painting reveals carefully drawn images of men and women, with charcoal darkened lines around the images adding a shadow effect that only adds to make his faces more intriguing. The features of his faces are highly suggestive of myriad emotions and represent many things. The contrasting geometric shapes in the background are often smaller and more precise than those in the subject, which instead of creating a distraction compliment them.

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