Considered an eminent artist of the 21st century and recipient of the Banga Bibhusan award, 2012, Jogen Chowdhury is famous for his works in ink, water-colour and pastels. He has also done paintings in oil. What he is specially known for is his mastery over lines and its tactile characteristics in creating his human forms, figures and other subjects of his paintings. His almost magical treatment of a simple line not only creates form but adds character to it. The lucid and deliberate distortion of his forms is to create a feel of the caricature as he makes his figures speak all they have to. His figures are the very important part of his painting, each communicating a message where the use of colour is just an enhancer of the form. His images and motifs are often more suggestive than explicit. In the words of R.Shiva Kumar, “The pulse and rhythm of Jogen Chowdhury’s art comes from a filial affinity to nature and milieu.”




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