“Man is always in the centre point of my work. I react and get disturbed with social disturbances taking place all around me.”

Born in 1939 at Faridpur in the Bengal Presidency, British India, Jogen Chowdhury is referred as the master of lines creating human forms and building a character most vivid, enigmatic and lucid, be it a human form, figures and other subjects of his paintings, artist Jogen Chowdhury is rightfully considered an eminent artist of the 21 st century. Jogen Chowdhury is a modern and contemporary artist who graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and subsequently at École Nationale superior des Beaux-Arts, Paris in 1967.

Professor Emeritus of Visva Bharati, Kala Bhavana, he creates magic on canvas and paper where the deliberate distortion of his forms gives a feel of the caricature. Using his signature style of the intricate and detailed cross work of lines, he generates forms and develops characters in them. The figures are the very important part of his painting each communicating a message where the use of colour is just an enhancer of the form. His seemingly simple yet magical line creates forms, images and motifs which are often more suggestive than explicit. Although he is famous for his works in ink, water-colour and pastels, he has also done paintings in oil.

In his expansive artistic career he has participated in innumerable solo and group shows in India and in Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and Japan.

His works have been exhibited in several shows including the I, III, IV Triennales at Delhi in 1972, 1975 & 1978 subsequently, the Sao Paolo Biennale of 1979; the II Havana Biennale, 1986; ‘Festival of India’, in Geneva 1989 and with Saffronart, the Pundole Art Gallery, New York & Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi, 2001, 2002 & 2007.

His works are in the collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi; The Victoria & Albert Museum, London and the Glenbarra Museum, Japan.

Recipient of several awards nationally and internationally he was awarded the the Banga Bibhushan award by the Government of West Bengal (2012),

He did a 15-year tenure as an art curator at the Rashtrapati Bhavan In the recent years the artist has opened a museum and an art centre Charubasona in Kolkata .




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