Born in 1998 in Haryana Kapil did his B.F.A from College of Art Delhi. He has been part of innumerable group exhibitions nationally and is much acclaimed for his work. Some of the noteworthy are:

AIFACS Art Gallery Delhi 2017, Minerva Art Gallery Dehradun, Hudku Art Gallery, Delhi 2021,Tao Art Gallery Mumbai, Kalakrit Art Gallery Hyderabad, The Spectrum, Zeoline Art Gallery, Kolkata 2023, Debut De Bon Augure at Zeoline Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2022.

This young, very talented and established contemporary artist from Haryana Kapil Anant, paints from life and his human figures tells of the regular stories of life of the poor rural people. Through his work he tries to capture the poor people and their struggles in life, poverty ridden and oppressed. Working both in paper and canvas his very realistic creation creates a familiarity between the artwork and its viewers.

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