Pardeep Singh

Dr. Pardeep Singh was born in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab, lived and studied in Santinketan, for nearly a decade, and currently resides in Mohali District of Punjab, India. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Post-Graduation in Fine Art from Kalabhavana, Visva Bharati University Santinketan West Bengal India, and did his Doctorate in Fine Arts Painting from Utkal University of Culture, Odisha. Dr. Singh’s work has been exhibited nationally and featured in various publications. His pieces are in private collections throughout the India and abroad. Organized and attended various National and International level Workshops and Seminars. His works would be best described as digestible abstract, a landscape with hints of the obvious. His great affinity for the nature; it’s a place for immersion, to experience, endeavors, enjoys and finally gets absorbed. In his works he attempts to capture the atmosphere, mood and raw energy of the places that he travelled and experienced. Works communicate deep felt relationship with the landscape, places, embodying a spirit of its atmosphere and serene aura. The images and designs produced are a direct emotional response to flora and fauna, pines, mountains, lakes which I encounter in my travelling. The works taps the emotional gravity of the places, its rawness, pulse, and its memories in my subconscious that accumulated through various travelling in the physical landscapes.  

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