Completed his B.F.A in 1991 from Chitrakala Mahavidyalay Nagpur. He has participated in around thirty solo and group shows in his three-decade long career. Working with mixed media the paintings are a combination of figurative and abstract style in creating his rendition that is a study of the self in search of oneness with the absolute. A minimalistic painter Jaltare doesn’t prefer to clutter his canvases of unnecessary details and concentrates on his preferred subject the Shiva and Shakti with geometric forms, colour, tones and brush strokes that are sensual and very fluid. In muted shades with a contrasting background sometimes in red, sometimes a spillover of softer shades he creates a symphony of the two forms gently blending into their surroundings yet not disappearing fully. The application and the distribution of the colour of subdued earthy shades blending harmoniously with the forms and its surroundings creates a depth and a sense of mysticism to the paintings.

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