Santanu Roy

Born 1979 in Siliguri (W.B) India Santanu did his Diploma in painting from Birla Academy of art & culture Kolkata in 2006. He has been recipient of several awards and certificates of merit from Academy of Fine Arts and Rajya Charu Kala Parishad since 2003 including the 17TH all India water colour exhibition from AIFACS New Delhi, in 2019.Santanu has participated in many group and invited exhibitions and had several solos to his credit. It is the pristine and serene landscapes of the Himalayas with its verdant forest and the lush and colourful flora and fauna that has captivated the artist. Over the last two decades he has been transmuting these visual explorations through his chosen medium of watercolour that continues to captivate the viewer. Free and undulating lines of colour, long energetic strokes dissolve the stillness of spaces, sometimes the floating swirls and spirals of colours feel like impressions of a scene before they pass into nothing.

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