"In a big city, I feel the vibration of an abstraction, and the colors Red, Blue, Brown, Black and Olive Green comes alive in a meaningful way."

Somnath Maity, born in Midnapore in 1960 is known for his oil paintings of urban landscapes are justly regarded as the avant-garde of contemporary Indian Art. He uses his bright colours and textures to explore the love he feels for the urban landscapes. There is an inner beauty in the big cities which people fail to see and which is unappreciated by people, which he tries to bring forth through his abstract painting, brush by brush stroke by stroke. The straight lines, his skilful application and earth shades have been used to bring out the hitherto hidden beauty of an urban landscape. An ordinary urban space made extraordinaire!

Somenath Maity studied fine arts at the Visual Arts College under guidance of fellow artist Shuvaprasanna in Calcutta and completed his Diploma in Fine Arts from The Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship.

The artist is the recipient of the following awards:

  • 2002-03 Senior Fellowship, ministry of Culture, Govt. of India,
  • 2002 AIFACS Award, New Delhi,
  • 2002 Birla Academy Award, Calcutta,
  • 1995 AIFACS Scholarship, New Delhi,
  • 1993-94 Research Grant from Lalitkala Academy, New Delhi,
  • 1992 All India Youth Art Camp organised by IAAI,
  • 1986 Cultural Dept. of West Bengal,
  • 1984-85 B. P. Poddar Memorial Scholarship, College of Visual Arts, Kolkata,
  • 2012 Jury of All India Camel Colour Art Contest.

He has participated in several solo and group shows in his long career both in India and abroad.

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