T. Nageswara Rao

“As I grew up with the doors to other dimensions constantly opening, closing, and opening again…and now remaining open, it has altered everything in my world. This way of perceiving has flowed into every aspect of my life including creative ventures and healing sessions I offer. I call it “under the influence” …… of the Divine I might add. And when we are under the influence of the Divine we are truly home and every cell in our body is aware of it and is every dimension of our being.”

The artist has done his MFA painting, from JNA & FAU, Hyderabad and BFA from JNTU, Hyderabad. He had his solo show in 2022 at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and participated in several Group Shows in India .He has also won few awards like Kolkata Awards : 2010 - State Art Gallery Annual Competition : 2009 - Hyderabad Art Society Annual Competition : 2007 - Kalakshetra,

The artist is inspired by nature, colour, sound, light, also by angels, fairies, other elements, star people drawing his wide palette his inspiration is widely felt by the artist on many levels.

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