Do’s And Don’ts to Become a successful Indian Art Collector

Becoming a successful Indian art collector is ambitious. But it’s possible at any age if you have a passion for art and start methodically. India has a tradition of high and progressive art. Throughout Indian history, kings and art collectors have patronised artists and helped them create masterpieces. Today, art collectors in India are working to further the development of Indian art and promote it in the international market. 

Wondering who is the biggest art collector?

India has so many art collectors and investors that it is impossible to identify only one. Famous art collectors in India like Michelle Poonawalla, Feroze Gujral, Sunita Vijay Choraria, Om Prakash Jain, Kiran Shiv Nadar, Abhishek Poddar, Shalini Passi are internationally known. Studying their collections will broaden your knowledge. Knowing about their journey can become the starting point for new art collectors in India. However, you might be thinking: ‘where do I start an art collection’? Or ‘how do I become a successful art collector’?

Why become an art collector? 

Art is one of the best possible investments you can make. Like antique jewellery, the value of artworks only increases, making this one of the most worthwhile investments. People start becoming an art collector in India for 3 reasons:  

  •         Start and further their private art collection
  •         Create an investment collection
  •         Increase their inheritance value

Once you decide which of these are your reasons to become an art collector in India, ask yourself, where do I start art collection?

How to start with becoming a successful art collector?

The first step to become a successful art collector is to research, explore and expose. We suggest visiting art galleries in your city to understand the trending artists and experience the art scene in your city. Zeoline Art Gallery is among the 10 best Art Galleries in Kolkata where you can buy original Indian Art. In our gallery, we have handpicked artworks of internationally acclaimed artists, diverse art forms, genres, mediums as well as guidance on the trends in buying artwork. After this, you will naturally become more versed in the art culture of Kolkata. 

5 do’s and don’ts of becoming a successful art collector

Here is a short, handy list to get you started. 

  1. Do: Determine your purpose

To begin with, understanding your focus and purpose of starting an art collection is essential. The world of fine arts can be overwhelming if you are not focused. You may end up investing money on artworks that you don’t want.

Don’t: Follow the footsteps of other collectors blindly

If you follow the footsteps of other collectors blindly, you may end up living with a collection that you do not love.

2  Do: Set budget before you start exploring

It is quite easy to overspend while collecting artworks. It is essential to have a clear budget for each artwork that you collect so that you do not regret buying.

Don’t: Ask for unreasonable discount or circumvent galleries

While it is natural to ask for reasonable discounts, haggling or using aggressive tactics might put you into “do-not-sell” list of the gallery owners. Circumventing galleries and buying directly from artists puts them into a difficult position as they must maintain a profitable relationship with the galleries.

3  Do: Do your research and be prepared before you visit galleries

Being mentally and financially prepared stops you from being indecisive when you suddenly stumble upon a piece that you were looking for.

Don’t: Fall into the sales tactics and traps 

Many sellers use sales tactics and traps to attract new buyers. Make sure you investigate the authenticity of the source before you make any purchase.

  1. Do: Increase your network and connect with people in the art world

Connecting with people in the galleries and museums will increase your network. This will make it easier for you to find the kind of artwork you are looking for.

Don’t: Overextend their courtesy 

While most art patrons and enthusiasts are happy to help you through your journey and provide useful insight, don’t overdo it. Value their time and effort.

  1. Do: Evaluate the authenticity of your artwork before buying

Always ensure that your artwork comes with an authenticity certificate and proof of buying. This will make your collection more credible and will save you from future legal issues.

Don’t: Buy artwork without authenticity certificate and buying receipt

As an art collector, you should always ask for the certificate to authenticate the artwork you are buying, and a clear, valid receipt.

This is a simple guide to discovering the joy of collecting art and enjoying the immersive culture of fine arts. We at Zeoline Art Gallery are working incessantly to make this experience pleasant for you and make the processes and transactions smooth. 


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