Who Are We

Why visit Zeoline Art Gallery?

From The House of Zeoline, We Present One of the best contemporary art galleries in Kolkata

Zeoline art gallery is the newest among Kolkata’s Contemporary Art Galleries that you should visit for exclusive artwork from leading artists. This art gallery in Kolkata believes in artist price and thus, provides the best valuation for both successful and emerging artists. It is one of the leading galleries in Kolkata that not only exhibits contemporary art, but also sculptures, installations and other forms of art.


To support and promote diverse art forms and artists, giving them an opportunity to showcase their creative impulses. To empower new talents as well as showcase the masters.


To create an unbiased space for art and artists across the country, and the perfect venue for art connoisseurs and investors.

What does Zeoline Art Gallery do?

We at Zeoline Art Gallery is the new location in Kolkata for painting and other forms of art. We showcase the work of prominent and emerging artists, evaluate artwork, and advise clients in buying and selling artwork. We are dedicated to providing you with a tailored service that will address and meet your unique individual needs.

Collection management is one of our unique offerings to our patrons. Through this service we help clients to build and manage their own collections. We only acquire and sell completely authentic artworks with authenticity certificates. Exclusivity and discretion are key to our success.

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