Apurba Karati

Born in 1977 the artist graduated from Calcutta University. He then did his 4 years Diploma in Fine Art from Birla Academy of Art & Culture; Certificate in Applied Art, Mass Education Deptt. Of West Bengal, Rabindra Bharati Campus. Over the years he has participated in several workshops in Srinagar and Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu. Apurba had few solo shows to his credit and was part of several group shows all across India and abroad in Singapore. "Aspiration ends but dreams sustain us” can be said to be the basic theme of his paintings.Working without a model or photographs the artist tries to uphold the modernity and Indian spirituality in relevance to contemporary times. Skilled in miniature paintings and folk art of Bengal, concentrating all the while on composition, line, space division in his continued effort at perfection.

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