“I’m a very sensitive artist and sensitive towards my subjects, who mainly revolve around my family. They are not portraits of my family members but are rather representation of the values a family holds for me.”

Born in north Kolkata on 12 th December, 1960, artist Goutam Mukherjee is a self-taught artist who has credit to multiple solo shows all over the country and abroad, in cities like London, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Essentially Bengali with a deep sense of love for his community and family life and the interpersonal relationships of the filial kind, his paintings are a beautiful depiction of the values he holds dear to his heart. Growing up admiring the depiction of mother goddess Durga during the Durga puja with her lotus eye, his fascination for the eyes started which is amply portrayed in his canvases.

Over a period of time the style has evolved, the colours have become vibrant, cheerful and brightened, the characters in my works have acquired a cheerful tone. But the focus has always been the family, with emphasis on the close bonding between them, shown by the physical contact with each other, be it husband - wife, mother-child, grandparent-grandchild or between siblings. His paintings are marked by his attention to composition of his paintings, the background, detailing of the people, in traditional Bengali attire and jewellery in an environment that is very reminiscent of the old Kolkata havelis. All enhanced by the deep and rich hues of colour.


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