A leading abstract and modernist painter Prabhakar Kolte was born in Maharastra in 1946. He studied in J J School of Arts, Mumbai and also taught here from 1972 – 1984.

His work is a medley of colours rising in waves across his canvas creating the myriad of forms. In colours bright and sometimes in subdued tones, the canvas is spread and divided creating spaces, and forms, linear, and geometrical creating a hidden world only visible to an imaginative eye. Kolte’s abstract layering with bold colours and juxtaposed against each other creates dimensions and adds depths to the paintings. His ink on paper collection of monochromatic shades is equally wondrous to look at stimulating the imagination of the viewer to the beauty in simplicity and the content of the paintings.

According to him the subject is not important but an experience of abstract delight which is akin to the mystical experience. His works are a vision that does not symbolize anything but itself. They are as he says, are neither representative not interpretive, neither expressive nor illustrative.

The artist has participated in many important group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. He got Scholarship as Researcher by Govt. of India in 1982-84 along with British Council’s Visitor ship to England in 1986. He wrote a book titled ‘From Art to Art – a compilation of various articles on art’ in 2010 and was awarded “Durga Bhagwat Award”. This apart he was the recipient of several other awards: “Walter Lang hammer Award” by Indo-German Cultural Society, Mumbai, 1978; “Kavi Kusuma raj Award” and “Rupdhar – Award”  for contribution in art of painting, by the Bombay Art Society, in 2010; and “Doctorate” for his contribution in the field of art, by Gwalior University, 2015.

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