“This Universalize Diagram of our society appears in my work consciously or unconsciously in my Visuals. Being a global digital human being, my recent works narrates these global issues. My heart mourns for Missing Greens, Endangered Insects, Bird & Animals, Dead whales in the seashore, death of birds & animals, suffering mankind The gradual development of daily life I believe gets elevated in my works.”

The artist born in 1979, in West Bengal, completed his B.V.A in paintings with a 1 st Class from Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship, Rabindra Bharati University, ’05. Merited with a 1 st class in painting he has further been awarded several times.

He has participated in several International exhibitions as in Germany, Seoul amongst others a in multiple group shows across the country and been part of many work-shops.

The artworks recount a critical view of social, environmental, political and cultural issues. These global issues are brought about the expanse of his canvases through sensitive handling creating a beautiful and a soothing effect. Seen with an understanding from where the creation is coming from one is bound to admire the skilled visual narrative accounting for such serious global issues.

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