Shyamal Mukherjee is an artist from Bengal who has spent his whole life in Kolkata, has upheld his Bengali culture through his paintings and given his contemporary interpretation of the Bengal School of Art. The paintings are a reflection of his various interactions with people during his travels in and around Bengal. Though an artist himself he is also an avid collector of rural arts and crafts. His preferred medium of painting is reverse painting in oil or acrylic on acrylic sheet. In his words, “Most of my inspiration comes from observing people.” The figures are all brightly dressed in colourful hues of bright red, gold, blue, orange, green and are podgy and fat with a fixed look in their eyes. Interestingly, he paints his figures in pairs or in large groups to show an interconnectedness and similarity in behavioural form amongst people than thought otherwise. His characters are depicted as performers of a kind as symbolic to the performances that we all give in our daily existence.

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