Soumen Saha

Artist Soumen graduated with 1st class (BVA) from Indian College of Arts and Draftsman ship, Rabindra Bharati University 1998. From 2007 to 2023 he has participated in several state and national shows in Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi, Rajasthan and Mumbai and abroad like in Bangladesh, Dubai, and England. He has been the recipient of certificate of Merit & Award in Painting from Indian College of Arts and Draftsman ship, Kolkata and award in Trivial Painting from Indian Trivial Society, Delhi, Etc.  In his own words: “In my painting there is neither social or political complication nor the reflection of starvation or deprivation. I usually take topics like rain washed city, trams, trains, etc. I portray the beauty of landscape and cities through my paintings.”

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