Styling Home With Contemporary Art

Add a touch of class to your home with Contemporary Indian Art


Whether you’ve just moved into your new home or you want to give a new look to your living room, adding artworks to your abode is like breathing new life into your home.  Buying art is not merely a hangover of visiting a compelling exhibition at one of the art galleries in Kolkata. It’s a conscious decision to bring home a creation that touches you strongly.   Today, let us explore what kind of art is most suitable for your home.


How to match art to the aesthetics of your room?


Art, in itself, is very dynamic whether we are talking about painting and visuals or sculptures and installations. It gets all the more spectacular and delightful to look at if we correctly match it with our decor. Contemporary art transforms the entire vibe of a place if placed thoughtfully. They provide a sense of personality, color, and energy to any space. However, selecting the right piece is not a child’s play, and to help you out, we’ve provided some tips to ‘artistize’ your home.


What are some popular art genres for homes?


Here are some of the most commonly selected art genres preferred by buyers for home display.


Pop Pieces – As one of the most important art movements of the mid-1950s, Pop art continues to be very ‘pop’ular even today. It began as a response to the rapid growth of commercial and entertainment industries in the USA and UK, and a revolt against rigid approaches to art and culture. Colorful, bold, brash and fabulously dazzling, this art style brightens up any room. Adding a large pop art installation to your bare wall can instantly transform your home from dull and boring to engaging and vibrant. Explore famous pop art collections in India by visiting contemporary art galleries.


Exquisite Contemporary Collection – Contemporary art, simply put, is made by living artists around us, and shows certain characteristics peculiar to art developed after the 1980’s  An essential component of contemporary art is the cultural dialogue it engages in establishing personal and cultural identities of family, community, and nationality. Contemporary art is often a dialogue between the artist or society and  nature, collective emotions, individual histories, and major upheavals around us.

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Wall Cluster – This is the latest rage in the market. From cafes to lounges, everyone’s trying to have a cluster of paintings and art pieces that describe their personality. There are a variety of themes you can choose from, such as traditional style paintings, or figurative, tribal, etc. These will give your room a raw, rustic feel, and don’t forget to match the aesthetics of your room to your paintings. A place where you can let your hair down and relax. Mind we say, add a few planters and you’ve built yourself a perfect cozy corner better than a city cafe!


Full Wall Art Piece – Look no further from home if you house a splendid, full-sized wall painting. Place it on a wall against your sofa set or at the head of your bed to change the mood and dynamics of any room. For nature-centric aesthetics, look for landscape paintings depicting the force  of nature such as the power of the sky, anger of the winds, etc.

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Geometric Art – Heavily influenced by Greek art, geometric art is characterised by solid shapes and patterns on objects such as vases, plates, wall hangings, or even on canvas. With geometric art, the error can be rectified as a distinct style since it does not follow any rigid pattern.


Decorate your interiors with a large sized wall painting featuring a mix of patterns and figures (Hint: Paresh Maity’s ‘Togetherness’ at Zeoline Art Gallery Kolkata).

It is possible to elevate any space with contemporary artworks. Houses are particularly suitable for displaying them, since every home has its own tone. There are some key factors to keep in mind, such as how the art is displayed, as this can alter the look of any space. This holds true for both painting and sculpture.  The most important game-changer is the light setting, so make sure your light falls in a direction that compliments and enhances your masterpiece. Set mood lights and see how your art shines in different light.

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